Thursday, October 04, 2007


Ok, so I fixed the cash flow problem. I am taking on a room mate, probably just for 6 months. She has a family that she wants to move to Ann Arbor, but needs a place now for just her for school. Likely to go home on weekends to her family. She is in at least 2 of my classes, so we will be able to study together, she loves to cook.....*Evil grin*........She is from Kenya, so it is possible I won't like what she cooks...LMAO! I have some work to do to make room for might be nice to have someone around the house once in a while. Ok......I am so swamped it is amazing......I need to dig out a bit and prepare for another day tomorrow..........the good news....Saturday is a home I get to have a few hours to just have some fun.........I need that! Peace out.

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ellen said...

A roomie from Kenya - way cool.