Friday, October 12, 2007


Whew, I had a whirlwind trip back to the west side of the state for about 24 hours. I drove over Thursday night.....on I94......anyone that listened to the news that night or this morning probably heard about the closure of I94 between Galesburg and Sprinkle Road............Now......always before when I would hear that I94 was closed at some obscure location.......I would think...."wow" something bad must have happened.....I don't necessarily think.....I wonder what all those cars that drive on that stretch of road are doing now? I will forever more think about I sat basically at a stand still for 2.5 hours that night on a "Closed" I94. So my 2 hour trip to the west side of the state turned into a 4+ hour bladder was full....fortunately for was my gas tank. I try to not get upset in those circumstances because it is likely to be some horrible accident that someone was mortally hurt......according to the news this was not the seemed to be some haz mat thoughts go wild thinking about this I am choosing to not think about it......because I already sit on the edge of sanity these days. Thankfully, my trip home tonight was my normal 2 hours. Michigan Football tomorrow.....(GO BLUE!!!). This is the game that I hope tells me just how bad or good the rest of the season is going to be. Up until now, it has been a crap shoot every game......I simply don't know what "team" is going to show up for the game. I really hope the "good" team shows up will make for a more fun day! :o) Peace Out Peeps!

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