Monday, October 15, 2007

I am officially A real student now

I was up until 0330 writing a paper that was due at 0800 this morning. I guess that makes me official on the student front. I can tell you that I am far too old to be doing that. The bad news is today is not a relaxing catch up on sleep day, I have more papers to write. I really wish to have this coming weekend off for visitors, so I must really focus and get things done this week. I also would like to head over to TR at least a day or two this week to get some work done for them. Next week will be a little crazy, my new roomie will be here most of the week and we have on campus classes. I expectation after next week is that things will be much more under control and the rest of the semester will be a bit smoother. Right now though, I am old and tired....LOL. I hope your week is wonderful! Peace.

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Joe said...

I feel ya. I have had to burn the midnight oil too lately. But sure is fun staying up until 4:00 AM reading page after page of finance! lol