Thursday, October 18, 2007

Moving Forward

This is a much better option than standing still or moving backwards! I felt truly accomplished yesterday and I even did some meaniful work on my presentations. Today is pure focus as I work on more papers. Hopefully I will make great progress on these as well and have time this evening again to work on the presentations. Tomorrow I have a seminar to attend at the Graduate school at noon (and my glasses are in, so I can pick them up too!) Nevertheless, the rest of the day will be available for finishing up what I can. My friend Ron is coming to visit on Saturday, so that should be nice and the kids are coming on Sunday for a visit. My goal, as you can see is to have no pressure of homework while I have visitors. I also lost an entire week. All week long I have been saying that next week is my on campus week, which there are 2 seminars and a bunch of other things going on so the week is going to be real busy............well........that isn't next week, it is the week after I have a little breathing space and I can even head over to TR to help them and make some cash! Yeah me! Here I go.........cross your fingers that I have another productive day! Peace out!

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ellen said...

Just caught the pic of your tattoo and wondered if you ever go to WC! anymore. If you get a chance, check out the lobby and look for the thread "my tattoo." You'll see mine. Just got it on Tues.