Thursday, February 14, 2008

New thought for the new thought...

Of all the times for me to have my head swimming with all of these thoughts!!

The viewing was nice (how can that be?? LOL) Nice to see family, nice to be with them.

I have thoughts about my thoughts, but I am too tired to type them tonight. is the thing. New Scott turned on my "love" switch. This is a switch that I keep turned off so I just need to find that switch and turn it off again. The "love" switch is the part of me that just really wants to LOVE someone. So..... I just need to locate it and get it switched back off.

The panic/fear that I feel, is like an alarm. Something I need to pay attention to. But not too closely, at least until I get that love switch turned off.

I do NOT need to know what tomorrow holds, and that is what the thoughts were trying to do........all I need to know about is today, this moment.

More later...........that is enough given the day............much love and peace.........MUAH!

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