Thursday, February 07, 2008

The joy of unexpected circumstances

Well.....I didn't go to fact my paper is not even finished yet. I had a temporary filling fall out of my head (tooth), thus I called my Prof (who was awesome about it) trotted my ass over to the School of Denistry, where I spent the next nearly 3 hours with hands and tools clinging around in my mouth. It was not pleasant. Seriously. At first, the "student dentist" just wanted to do another temporary.......I was not thinking that was such a great idea, but who am I to say?? (I am the CUSTOMER, who is damn straight I said something) I said, Seems like a waste of time and resources to me. Fill the damn thing. So then he is figuring out how to do that, then says, he was going to put in a temporary and then another student would do the filling (in 15 minutes) I said.....ummmmm.......I don't think so. Then he went back to the temporary and come back later which time I again, voiced my......waste of time and resources thought.......till finally........they just filled the damn thing. And oh btw..........the kid was hysterical and very nice....but he has a HORRIBLE bedside manner as it relates to being inside someone's mouth. *SIGH* Now.....I am home with a numb mouth......hungry since I have not eaten all day, unable to eat, cause well.....he did a fine job of numbing half my body........a paper to finish........which was not my plan, I had other homework to do to prepare for tomorrow.......might be another late night. Might be that I should stop dilly dallying around and do what I came here to do......Christ almighty!

Other than that. I am simply Just this. Just here. Just Now. Namaste. Catie


Anonymous said...

Hello...shoots I could go for a half body numb right now.. especially to the right foot. I think I strained a muscle or something in my right foot. I hope your feeling better and you finished that darn paper.

Catie said...

Oh Big, i am did you do that? Take care of yourself!!! I am not finished with the paper yet. I have a class this morning....then I hope to finish it at the computer lab this afternoon, where I have to do other work as well. Oh the joy. More homework to be done this weekend as well. (wtf, why is my life consumed with homework?? Oh yeah....time and a half of gradutate school.....who'd a thunk it??? )