Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On a Mission

Ok, so my profs are being somewhat accepting of my plan. I have 12 days to complete it. I CAN do it too!! :o)

Today is devoted to writing the abstract that is due for the conference on Ethics at Yale University this summer. It is due on the 23rd. My advisor needs to approve it prior to that, so I MUST complete it today. (shouldn't be that difficult, but I seem to make things more difficult just for the hell of it).

I do have another date tonight. Another, "I am not feeling it" doesn't hurt to is a good day to have a tiny bit of fun tossed into the mix. We are going to dinner and a movie.

I am thinking that I should do some domestic/personal things today as well.....get them out of the way. The abstract is not going to take me all day. (although at the rate I am going it could....LOL) Actually, I could take the next hour, crank that out and then head to pick up prescriptions, pay bills and do to the "date" is picking me up at 5:30, so......that actually is a damn good plan. Then tomorrow, I can simply dig into my homework plan. See how beneficial it is for me to come here and tell you all my to do list! HA!

Alrighty abstract coming up..........(ohhh, and a shower....damn, an't forget that...LOL)


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