Sunday, February 03, 2008

Big Work

*sigh* You know, I really value deep soul work. I do. I treasure how it pushes me to grow and become a better person. Sometimes I wonder about taking a little break, you know, just resting in peace, enjoying some of the work that I have completed. That is not always an option, soul work comes often uninvited and unexpected.

I have been practicing for this particular soul work for a while. So that should make it easier to accomplish. Right?

Right. I am struggling with it.

I am going to get some homework finished, then I am going to get my kids out the door on their way home and sit. Just Sit. Breathe. And take all of the emotion and shit that is swarming around me in and just be with it.

Life lessons.......they are good. (Even when they don't feel good.


ellen said...

I have found (in the last 10 yr) that life lessons only come if you're open to them and it sounds like you are.

Catie said...

You know Ellen, when I typed that out yesterday, I thought.......they are not uninvited, that simply is not true......but at the time, I also thought.....fuck that.....WHEN did I ask for this shit??? ROFL.

Tis true.....I seek it out most often, out of a desire to truly learn and truly be in a place that I can give back to this world.