Thursday, February 21, 2008

Day 11

Counting down, I am on day 11, which simply means I have 11 days to finish getting caught up on course work. I of course began with 12 days.

On the docket for today and tomorrow is all of the work/readings for my quality management class. Since I ran my own agency and did my own quality improvement for 5 years, this class is fairly easy for me. This of course makes the readings super boring. One thing I did learn the first term though was that they don't want answers from my experience, they want them from the readings. PLUS, the other kicker to this course is that it does a lot of data management in Excel,which is fine however they keep adding things on (software pieces) that don't work on my Mac.......and they don't care....LOL. The other kick in the ass for me on this class, is that one of the books cost $180 and came with a CD to use (limited usage of 120 days) I found this book online, being sure to request a useable CD. It arrived, the CD was securely in the book, unopened, which is exactly how I left it. Now, weeks later, when I need it.......I take it out and the disc is BADLY damaged. I have no idea where I purchased it (I bought too many books from different places) Now, I COULD go buy another one for $180, here is why I don't 1) I am not fucking stupid, 2) it won't load on a mac, so why bother?? Another gal in my class has a mac, so she loads the CD on her boyfriends PC put the said file on a stick and puts it on her mac and it works. So, she sends me the files. This week though, there is one that won't transfer.......all of that to say.......Day 11 and 10 I am trying to get all of the work finished for this class. I may need day 9 as well. But....I am trying for 2 days. This class has the most amount of work in it.

No comment on the boys.......cept that I am leaving them alone. Period.

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