Sunday, February 24, 2008

No Defeat, No Surrender!

NEVER! ACK!! Poor Big and Little!! I called them today sobbing......I will spare you all the gory details here, but I was a basket case. They helped me get back on track!! I managed to get more done today than I have in the last 3 days, which isn't saying a lot, since I basically have just sat around and cried for 3 days. But, I am on a roll painful as it is.......I WILL NEVER SURRENDER! In order for me to complete this term. I will need to sit at this table and work my ass off for the next week. There will be only a few to go for a walk/run, or maybe eat (I might give that up too though, lol) I really have no other choice. I am finding out exactly what I am made of.......and it isn't MUSH, I can promise you that......

Think about it.

I have been divorced for almost 20 years. I had BABIES to raise and NO marketable skills.......I raised my babies, I ran the ranch, I put myself through school and became successful in my career, my babies started college, and I quit my successful career, sold my home and moved to Ann Arbor to start my doctoral degree..........THAT my friends is NOT MUSH....THAT is STEEL...bright shiny steel (that may have a little rust now that I have cried for so many days....but you get the point...LOL)


So there.


But, I do reserve the right to cry on occasion.

And...btw.....if anyone knows how to do optimization using linear programming, call me ASAP!!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!

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Anonymous said...

Big Here... Always here for you any time. Just take one day at a time, but keep your mind on getting caught up and set the boys aside. I want you to prove those darn professor wrong that you are not a quitter. kick some Phd butts.