Sunday, February 17, 2008


It is time to get serious about homework. I do have that lunch date (and I should cancel, but I think that would be rude) So I am going to do that, and until then, start at least figuring out WHAT I need to do to get caught up and start doing it. After lunch I will then totally focus in.

If I thought that this was something that I did not want to do any longer (get my PhD) (and trust me, the thought has crossed my mind) then I would simply quit. However, I KNOW that this is what I want to do, so now I really need to get up to speed.

Simply recognizing that I have grief emotions, had already made it a bit better. I am certain that there are days that I will feel it more, but at least I am able to identify what they are.

I am afraid that I can't get on top of the homework. I just have to do it.

Oh, and my new friend that I had tea with yesterday. Well. He is one of those very special people that you meet. I could see into his soul and he is clear and genuine and just one of those special people. The Universe is sending some really good people my way, that is comforting. New Scott and Jim are very special people too, so now I have 3 new friends that are truly special souls. I feel like this blessed soul to have all of YOU, plus these friends that live here near me. Such a richness.

OK, no procrastinating today........HOMEWORK!


Anonymous said...

Big Here....okay I am bringing the whip over and start making you do your homework... Now you cannot get up from your chair until you have finished your homework young lady!!


Catie said...

ohhhhhh whip!!! ;o) That could be fun!!! hee hee

Anonymous said...

Big Here....LMAO... you would enjoy.