Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Nurses eat their young........this is not going well. My profs were nice in email, not so much in person. Wondering if I should "give up". Yeah. Well. Little do they know that I don't give up so fucking easy.

Going to the gym is nearly out of the question. I have NO time for it. That is driving me nuts. Maybe after next week.....I will get on top of all of this (thank God for Spring Break) Then, work the gym back into my schedule.

I found a some new music to add to my iPod.......the sound track from Across the Universe This is some good stuff!

I do have to purchase some rather expensive software in order to catch up....but, it will be well worth it, and I will get lots of use out of it outside of class as well.

Ok...back to it.......just thought I would update you. Aside from the stress, some grief work in regards to my brother.......I am doing really well!! I will be even better once I get back to the gym!

And I AM leaving the boys alone, at least for the time being, unless of course someone comes onto the scene that I simply can't resist and that is unlikely to happen when my head is buried in my books!!

Peace out!!


Little said...

You can't "give up". Sorry.... It's not even an option.

Catie said...

I agree :o)