Sunday, February 24, 2008

This is not going so well

It just isn't. I have not gotten done what I need to get done.

Ernest read my I Ching and I am hooked. It was deeply moving. No I did not latch onto his leg when he dropped me off....LOL. It was nice to sit in a coffee shop and drink tea with someone though. He has this incredibly clear soul, he is really just one of those people that you are just instantly comfortable with.

I went for a walk with the other "boy". The walk was superb. He is a nice guy, but I don't think that I am interested in him romantically. He is willing to walk with me though, so I am wondering about having a walking/running buddy. It would be nice, but I also don't want to lead someone on . Meh. Not sure what to do.

Not sure about a few things right now. Sorta sucks too. Gotta find those damn boot straps......Time to pull em up.


Anonymous said...

Young Lady is your homework getting caught up??? Do not make me come over there...LOL

oh yeah this is big if you did not figure that out yet..LMAO need to stop laughing it hurts to laugh still.

Catie said...

Why does it hurt to laugh??? What happened???

and, NO my homework is not caught up. Say a prayer, today is a make it or break it day. I MUST do this.