Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Name change

Ok, so I am officially going with this spelling change. It does NOT feel like me and that is strange, however I have a plan.

This week sometime, I am going to have a "ceremony" to ritualize this change. It seems rather fitting for me to do this given all that I have learned this past year. You see, I am in such a different place than I once was. Changing my name to Katie (from Cathy) was symbolic for me, and it really seems time to have another change that is symbolic of where I have come from and where I am going. I think once I have this ceremony, I will feel more connected to this spelling.

I am hanging out waiting to see a doctor. I need some Rx refills.

I am doing well. Really well.



Anonymous said...

Big Here,,, Howdy. I am grumpy and very upset oh what a bad night at work.
Catie... curious are you going to change your name legally or just how your friends call you?
Have an awesome day.

Catie said...

Hey big.....Catherine is my legal name. That has not changed and will not change now either. It is simply what people call me. And since Catie and Katie sound the same.......it really is a simple spelling change for written purposes........a lot of bullshit for one fucking letter.......but you know me.....anything I can do to create attention for myself......LOL!!!!