Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I am dragging on this paper. FUCK! Why am I soooooo not into this? I swear to God......I have a LONG road ahead of me, crapping out on the homework is NOT going to make for a fun time over the course of the next 3 years. SHIT!

There is something to this procrastination with the work. I better figure it out and get it straightened out, or this is going to make me nuts.

I was going to a mediation class lost.....couldn't find it in the dark and frustrated, felt alone.......drove home.

Now. Just. Feeling. Alone.

Jim is starting to meet and date new people, so no time for "recreational friendship moments" (as he puts it) Scott, mostly just thanks me for saying something nice to him once a day. I guess I need to make a few more friends.

Or not.


I want to go walk in the snow.....skip through the want to come with me?

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Anonymous said...

Big Here... On the way home from work tonight I thought gee there should be enough snow to make a snowman, but then thought forget that I want a cookie. Tonight was a much better night at work, but my right ankle is still aching.
If you need another lunch date let me know. I need to find a good consignment shop in the area..antique junkie...LOL. Well I could add some more stitch to the afghan I am making. Catch you later and keep a smile on your face and your head high.. Your a good girl charlie brown...LMAO just had to add that. yeah I am going to shut up now...LOL