Friday, February 29, 2008


Ok, a little panic is still there. I can not believe that I only have 3 days left. SHIT! The SPSS class that I have, I was able to complete all of the calculations this morning (4 weeks worth!!!!!) I however am not finished. I still have to write up all of the results for said calculations. Oh the joy. PLUS I forgot about the take home midterm for this class. I have LOTS of work to do for this, however I SHOULD be able to accomplish it all today. I also will set up my plan for studying for the Philosophy mid term so that I can study for that from now up until Monday when I take it. Of course tomorrow is the tutor and finishing up the work for that class. All in all. I THINK I might pull this off.

You know. Everyone says, "don't worry about grades, etc" I am typically an honor student, Every degree I have, I graduated with honors, usually magna cum laude. So that is a little difficult for me to accept less than an "A" or a 4.0, however Michigan Graduate programs grades very strange and I still don't know how it works, cept that I know I am not getting an "A", more like a "B" or somewhere in-between the two. And, I can live with that. HERE is the kicker. For graduate school, there is no such thing as a "C". "C" equals FAILED. uh huh. I MUST get a "B" or higher or the class does not count. In undergraduate.....the "C" was the bottom line, well now the bar has been raised. As an undergraduate I didn't have to worry about it.....i got all "A"s, now for some reason, I am worried about if I can even pull a "B". LOL. The thing is, I have NO grades in ANY of my classes at this point and it is mid term. So I have NO clue how I am doing. Nice.

Ok, so I think that I am going to do the mid-term cause it will help me do the write up's on the calculations. If I can put this class work to bed today, I will feel GREAT relief.

Ernest and I are suppose to go for a walk today when he gets out of work. It is snowing pretty good, I hope that we still go. I don't mind walking in the snow and I could use a walk, and a conversation.

Ok.....hopefully I have enough time to clean up the apartment and organize myself before Monday too! It would have been so nice to have had a Spring Break that I didn't have to be so overloaded.......oh well......there is nothing to do about it is what it is. I am smiling and grateful that I had this time!


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