Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Do you skip? Remember skipping when you were young?

Do you do it?

Maybe you have not thought about it.

Think about it now.

Sometime, when you are walking, start skipping.

You will start laughing.

You won't be able to help but smile.

Sometimes, you just need to skip, and suddenly everything is alright.

I went skipping today, in the snow, with the sun shining on me................

and I smiled the biggest smile..........

and I laughed the best laugh..............


SPGryphon said...

That would have been a HOOT to see. ROFL

I missed chatting with you through all this. We should talk sometime soon.


Catie said...

I KNEW that you would want to see me skipping. I could have shown you when we were walking in Ann Arbor! HA!

I would love to talk to you soon. Call my cell anytime, your schedule is more sucky than mine is at the moment.


Anonymous said...

Big Here..what are you smoking girlfriend?? Or what are you drinking. LOL. So is that considered a mental health therapy session? L feel left out. JACHO coming tomorrow the 14th, and I am going in early to babysit our patients in pacu again.

Catie said...

Mental health therapy for sure!!

We will all three have to do it the next time we get together, sort of like the Wizard of Oz!

Joint Commission!? Oye!! My thoughts are with you!

My thoughts will be with you!