Wednesday, February 06, 2008


I got my Rx refilled for my legs and I slept last night for the first time in about a week. It felt so good. (I also got a few xanax from the good doc, just to give myself a little break from the axniety of late, so that was of some assistance as well)

I take for granted a good nights sleep, until I lose that ability and then I really get frustrated!

I must write a paper today that is due tomorrow. Not good that I waited until the last minute to write it. Philosophy of all things..........yuk.

I am getting caught up on things. Hopefully by this weekend I will be feeling more on top. Of course, the nature of the entire thing is that, I will not feel on top of it. Ever.

My heart still hurts a bit. But that is going well. Scott and I remain in "some" contact, not much, but hey.....a little is nice to at least know someone is doing well.

I had to take this test for a class. A personality test. I should copy the results really is a little embarrassing that I am such a sap. Here is my main personality........

Your heart-felt communication style creates peace and harmony in the workplace. You know how to bring out the best in others. As a Blue personality you are gifted with tremendous people skills.
You're a heart felt communicator who has a strong need to make a difference in the lives of other people. This strength is immediately noticeable in the way you make connections and bring out the best in those you encounter. People usually feel relaxed and comfortable in your presence.

You love to build self-esteem and make others feel good about who they are. You can easily motivate and inspire people to make changes in their lives and reach their potential. This natural talent makes you excel a counselor, teacher, social worker and journalist, but the list is far greater in the book.

I am compassionate. I am always encouraging and supporting. I am a peacemaker, sensitive to the needs of others. I am a natural romantic.

I like to do things that require caring, counseling, nurturing, and harmonizing. I have a strong desire to contribute and to help others lead more significant lives. I am poetic and often enjoy the arts.

I value integrity and unity in relationships. I am enthusiastic, idealistic, communicative, and sympathetic. I express my feelings easily.

I am sure that those of you who know me, would agree with that.........sometimes.......I would really love to be a hard ass and say.....FUCK YOU.......My brain just doesn't work that is probably a good thing, since being so nice doesn't seem to garner me much luck in getting men, I am certain that being a bitch wouldn't help matter. Although.........there might be something to consider there..........;o)

Ok......Off to shower....I am running late for a meeting. Peace.

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