Saturday, February 09, 2008


Ok, this procrastination is serious.

This illness is serious, and I should just get myself out of the door and pick up some 7up and soup and crackers.....I think I need some nourishment. mother thank me for the birthday gift. Then says, "Your father is keeping you up to date on Spencer right?" (Spencer is my step brother who recently was diagnosed with lung cancer) I said, well I guess. So then she said, he has been in the hospital on life support since the super bowl!!!! WTF??? So I call my father. Bottom line, I need to go to the hospital.

Only trouble is, I have so much homework that I can't see straight. And it is my own fault. And now, I keep thinking about how Spencer and I reached out to each other recently, I had sent him a card and he sent me one back. Fences were mended. I MUST see him before he dies. *sigh*

Oh, plus I am sick.


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