Saturday, March 01, 2008

Sum of your life

I found this great article at Salon Sum of your life

So, all my faithful readers.....take a the comments sum up YOUR life in 6 words or less!!

My two favorites from the article are:

Lynn Marie -- 11:53 am Pacific Time -- Feb 26, 2008 -- #2 of 65

Failure was apparently an option here.

(that made me laugh out loud!!)

jilz - 04:03 pm Pacific Time -- Feb 27, 2008 -- #46 of 65

Found my path. Walked it fearlessly.

This one is what I would really like to write about myself!!

The first one that comes to my mind (but likely due to the crazy week I just endured)

Crazy, Hell of a Ride. STOP!

(The link thing..yeah, duh, easiest thing in the world to do on this site, finally!!!)

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Catie said...

Are you kidding me???? WTF??? I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE READING IT!!!! COMMENT!!!!!

DO it anonymously!! GEESSHHH!!!!

LIVE a little!!