Monday, March 17, 2008

Almost on top

I am almost on top of the situation. Thank goodness. I meet with the dean today and will tie up a few loose ends.

I am likely going to drop a class (I am doing 5 credits beyond full time for graduate school, so dropping 3 credits won't impact the situation in a negative way, and is likely going to save some of my sanity)

Not much else to report today, I am busting it to get everything in today. More later.



Anonymous said...

Big Here...shoots I would love to have gone to the symphony with you. I was in Sturgis this past weekend. the hospital is closing 4 clinics and cutting 30 jobs. I am glad that your getting on top of things.

Catie said...

I wondered where the hell you have been! I called Little about the symphony and he had to work at Lush and you were working that night, so even though you didn't know it, I was trying to get you or little, or both of you to go instead of me.