Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Keeping track

I have a slight panicked feeling of "am I getting everything finished that I need to get finished??" Sometimes keeping track of things is the biggest challenge!

I had a meeting this morning, then I totally forgot about my tutor appointment!! I felt so bad when he called me. (see, keeping track is the biggest challenge). Anyway.....home now and about to sit down with all of my syllabi and make sure that I am not forgetting any assignments.

Another night of studying with my study buddy, so I should manage to get a lot accomplished.

This term is so close to being over! woohooooo!!! (not celebrating yet, but just one little woohoo for the almost over part)

Ok.....onward! Peace.

1 comment:

ellen said...

Here's a mini woohoo coming from the western side of the state. No one over there should be able to hear it so it won't jinx you.