Thursday, March 06, 2008


Yes indeed, I am still here! I met my new "study buddy" tonight. He is a very pleasant guy from India. 26 years old and very well versed in English. We spoke for about 15 minutes then we went to the library and sat across from each other and studied! At one point I was playing with my Ipod and he says "How is it going over there?" I said, "fine" as I set my iPod down....LOL. So this is going to be a good arrangement. We are allowing ourselves to have tomorrow off. (we both have a class tomorrow and we also both have plans with friends) Then this weekend, we are going to study!!! I am getting caught up, I should be caught up by the end of the weekend.

Here is a story to share..........yesterday when I was doing my errands I stopped at the sex store on campus. (a girl needs a few toys) so I selected my purchases and paid for them. I then put the bag of goodies in my purse/bag and went on my way. I went to another store off campus and when I walked in, I thought I heard that buzzing noise, like someone left the store with a sensor thing, but since I was coming into the store, I did not pay much attention. I did not find what I was looking for at this store, so I left with out making a purchase. The buzzing goes off again. Only since I did not make a purchase, they needed to search my bag/purse. Yeah. Embarrassing for all present on that search!! Only ME, I swear to God........thankfully I kept my receipt!

Ok, that might be TMI for most of you.....but it is a hell of a funny story.....;o)



TitleIX said...

definitely TMI catie, but hey, it may get you a date!?

glad to know you are getting caught up.
I've been getting chewed up over on MZone.....

Catie said...

HA! Not likely T9. Fortunately for me, the zone guys don't come over here and read about my mundane life.

I saw 82 comments and decided that I had no time to read them all. So sorry that I was not around to give you some assistance!