Monday, March 31, 2008

21 days

21 days from today I will be taking a final exam and be officially finished with this term. (hopefully with an acceptable grade in all 4 of my classes, as I have said before anything less than a B in graduate school does not count)

I have MUCH to do before then. Way too much. But I am focused. I can do this.

I am super excited about the Spring and Summer. I have been trying to fly under the radar here in the school of nursing. Just trying to be neutral. They don't want neutral, they want "superstar". So That is exactly what I am going to give them this Spring and Summer. I already began work on my position as a research assistant. I am actually the project coordinator and it is FUN! (TONS of work, but FUN, THIS is what I came to Doctoral school for!) So I think just getting a taste of doing research will help inspire the superstar in me as well!

Now is time for class..........I hope your day is fabulous!



Anonymous said...

Big Here.... You sound more cheerful and happier then in the past. A new woman you are.

Catie said...

Where the hell have you been? :o) I am doing know I just love to piss and moan! :o)