Thursday, March 13, 2008

More better.....

(sorry, bad english, says it) I continue to improve. It is really amazing how sick I have been this past week. I typically do not get sick. In the past I was a single parent of 3 children, working, going to school, etc. So many people depended on me to NOT be sick. So if I happened to get sick, I still went full motion ahead. Could it be psychological? I succumbed to this sickness because no one was depending on me to not be sick? Who is to say. I think it is interesting though. And in the future, I will dream up people and things that need for me to not be sick, so that I can go ahead full motion, I think I would rather do that, then lay in bed for 3 days and be sick. That really sucked.

Fortunately for me Jim was conversing with me via email and kept me from being too lonely.

I am not 100%, but considering how I felt that last 3 days, I feel good compared to that!



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