Monday, March 03, 2008

Oh the Joy

Well, I am still here. I have decided that tutors is the way to go. Seriously, why am I pulling out my hair? I KNOW that I learn from verbal communication. From actively discussing it with another person. This read volumes of information, which, oh btw most of which does not apply, and then teaching it to myself. Yeah. That is not working so great. A tutor, that is someone that can discuss the topics with me, explain the parts that I am not sure of and confirm the other parts. That is so much better. Now, I have to find them and pay them. ROFL.

It is all good (aside from the major run on sentence above) and I will survive it. The question is will you all survive reading the drama about it? My apologies. Really. And thanks Roy for the kick in the ass, you know I needed it. And that is where the tutor idea is coming from too. HOW do I give my best? How do I give my all? I think I need a little assistance, at least until I get myself up and running a little better.

Ok, I must run to class. Monday's are the worst day. Tomorrow is the mid term for Philosophy, at least I hope so. I emailed the prof and said I wasn't coming today, but would be there tomorrow before class. I have not heard a peep from him. I am sure he will allow me to, and if not, well, there ya go, one class off my plate! hee hee. Ok.....class until 9pm...then more studying.....

peace out.

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