Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Spontaneous healing

In other words, I am still sick. I do think that I am getting better. I will get showered and ready and likely head to the 3 meetings on my schedule today. That is a lofty goal, however at any point, I can decide to return home and nurse myself some more. [Ed. Note: no chance in hell that I can attend 3 meetings, I am canceling them all and going back to UHS] This thing completely kicked me in the ass! Which means that I will also stop by UHS and see about some antibiotics. Even though I am doing somewhat better, my lungs hurt and I am coughing up lovely mucous plugs left and right (at least I can breathe better once I dislodge those suckers) I am certain my neighbors below me which I would get coughing all night had to be annoying, and it isn't just a cough, but a fog horn sounding cough.....hideous actually.

It can only get better..........and everytime I think that.........guess what....something happens to make it worse!

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