Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Evolution of Catie

There is part of the old Katie, aka Glider Katie. This Katie has glided through life. Seemingly effortlessly. Of course it was not without some effort, often clawing and scratching her way..........Most often without much assistance. There wasn't anyone to assist. She worked, got through school raising 3 children. She was a determined soul. However, much of this came very easy to Glider Katie, she really didn't have to put forth much effort, aside from dogged determination.

Then she entered Graduate school, after having sold her house, used more than half of her retirement to set up an apartment for her self, quit her job and moved away from the babies that she loved for the last 24 years. (in other words, she put all of her fucking eggs in one basket) Glider Katie thought that she was going to be able to glide through graduate school, just like she did everything else in her 46 years of life. Until one day..........

She realized that Glider Katie needed to die. No longer was this part of Catie needed, it served her well (and not so well) for a long time, but now, it was time to debride this piece off.

Debridement is a medical term referring to the removal of dead, damaged, or infected tissue to improve the healing potential of the remaining healthy tissue. Removal may be surgical, mechanical, chemical, autolytic (self-digestion), and by maggot therapy, where certain species of live maggots selectively eat only necrotic tissue.

Nice vision huh? That is what is happening now. And let me tell you, it feels as if live maggots are eating Glider Katie alive.

Success my friends, is the best revenge. *evil grin*


ellen said...

hmmmmm - very interesting description but insightful as well. It's so good that you know yourself so well - that's half the battle.

Little said...