Sunday, March 09, 2008


Well my friends, for someone who does not ever get sick......I have now been sick 3 times this term alone....can you say the word.....STRESS!!!!


This is a bad throat, head, upper chest........I am feeling slightly feverish far I am thinking viral,so there is really nothing to do except to treat the symptoms. I sound AWFUL, I can barely talk. It settled nicely in my larynx. (also knows as Laryngitis). Sipping some hot orange herbal tea with honey at the moment.

My study buddy and I studied for over 8 hours yesterday and we will be doing the same again today.It works out well actually. We both are getting far more accomplished than if we were trying to do our work alone. I am also getting to know a really nice person. I actually will be working more than 8 hours today, Scary.

Ok, I need to get started, and down some motrin throat hurts like hell, at least motrin might take some of the pain and swelling away?? Meh. I hate being sick.

I met with my advisor yesterday and it was a very good meeting. I may actually drop one of the classes......this is insane. But I will determine that this week sometime.


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ellen said...

Hey, Katie - sorry to hear you're feeling so crappy but happy to hear the study buddy is working out. I remember a hundred years ago in high school getting together with friends to study. It really helped me.