Friday, March 14, 2008

Did you ever notice.........

That when I get all doom and gloom, sick, down, gets eerily quiet here? Yeah. Me too.

Ok, I really am trying to snap out of it. Really. I am.

Could it be that this is graduate school and each term I am going to feel this magnitude of stress?

Uh huh. So. Suppose I should figure out how to adjust better to this huh?

Yeah. Me too.

I went to the symphony tonight. Alone. I asked upwards of 15 people who all turned me down. I even asked a few of my professors! Notta. So then I put it up on Craigslist (under platonic) and I got 2 people who would love to go, but had plans for tonight (like wtf, then why reply?? LOL) Then I got one response that was willing to go. So first, I offered to give him the tickets and take someone else. He had no one to take. Ok, so tell me a little about you. His first response he seemed fairly normal, so I figured, all I had to do was sit next to him for 2 hours. So I suggested that we meet at a coffee shop near the auditorium at 7pm. I sent him my photo, described myself. I should have thought something when he wouldn't describe himself and said he would find me. (I also, gave him my cell number) I was specific where I would be and at what time I would leave to head to the auditorium (I wasn't going to miss the performance if he was a no show). So, he was a no show. I left, had my phone on up until 8pm. I arrived home and he emailed right when I got home, showed up at the coffee house 40 minutes late cause of parking (whatever). I said, uh huh, that is why I gave you my phone number, he said he forgot to write it down before he left. Ok. whatever. sorry you missed the performance. THEN he says (at 10:30pm!!!) You want me to come over for tea???? WTF????? Ummm....NO! Shit. So even though I posted it under platonic, all he was looking for was a little something?? Give me a fucking break.

So how is that for a little laugh.......for a smart chick, I am pretty stupid. :o)


ellen said...

Hey, chica, just blame that decision on your flu/cold thing. Everybody screws up sometimes so blow it off and just keep moving forward.
You remember my life motto: Find it, fix it, move on.
I'm one year out on breast cancer this month!
We'll celebrate via cyberspace, ok? You give yourself a break and I'll eat some chocolate today. Yea!!!!!!!

TitleIX said...

not stoopid

just overly trusting

celebrate being alone with yourself a la "The Missing Piece" by Shel Silverstein.