Thursday, March 20, 2008


I am in a big push to get my homework finished so that I can head home to see my babies this weekend. I miss them and so since it is Easter, I thought they might be around a bit (they are busier than I am!!) Sure enough, they are going to be around home and were real excited to hear that I was going to head over for a visit. I think that they might miss me as much as I miss them!

I think it might be good to just feel loved for a weekend. Particularly after this intense period of not feeling quite adequate and of course the whole live maggots thing.......

Thus, a major push to get the homework finished. I can take readings for next week with me, but actual assignments, I need to get those done. It is doable!!!

So, it may be that you won't hear from me too much the next few days. If so, you can rest assured that I am lovin on my babies, which includes watching Utube videos and sharing the iPod and going for long walks, and piled on the sofa with 3 adult children just laughing and talking about their recent antics..............sounds absolutely perfect!

(T9- I found the Missing Piece .....I will read it this weekend!)


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ellen said...

Have a wonderful time with your kids this weekend - I envy you.