Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Finally, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I have been sitting up most of the day. I did sleep this morning, and honestly, wanted this afternoon as well, but I forced myself to sit up and watch a movie. I feel better this afternoon than I did this morning. I am for sure on the mend. Thank goodness. This thing really kicked me in the ass!! Hopefully it just will only improve from this point on.

That is all for now.......peace.......and may you NOT get this, coz it sucks!


TitleIX said...

z-pack or no???

keep really well hydrated...

Catie said...

Yes T9, I am trying to do that, and no zpack. I looked through some of my books, to come up with a reasonable argument for giving me a zpack. Everything said 14 days of symptoms, unless fever (which I had, then it was 5 days of fever (wtf???) My fever broke yesterday, which was day 5. Seriously, having the symptoms I had without the fever for 14 days....that would have really sucked. I understand the over use of antibiotics, but I am buddhist, I am all about taking away the suffering of others...LOL.