Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Ha! The Graduate Student Interns are on strike today and tomorrow, so class was cancelled. I am taking the opportunity to use part of the time to clean my apartment. It really needed it! I am not getting into my closet spaces and my spare room, that will have to wait until after the term. But for now, dusted, swept, cleaned all the surfaces. I have my iPod blaring and am about to organize my books and papers. (oh the joy) THEN, the rest of the day and evening will be spent reading and preparing a paper. My study buddy is coming over tonight to study and he is going to help me with the paper a bit. He is a philosophy major and it is a philosophy paper, so that is awesome.

I think I am starting to get back to center. When I get knocked off center it really throws me for a loop. I am finding center again though and hopefully I can keep it better this time.

I also have a load of things to accomplish for my program plan and my "new" job as a research assistant. I guess I should have done that instead of cleaning the apartment. Oh well.....too late now! I will get that done too.


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