Sunday, December 16, 2007


The drama is OVER!!! Tap the keg, shake the pom poms, Rich Rodriguez is the new Head Coach of Michigan. This is a good catch, make no mistake about it, however I am more excited that the damn search is over!! The media was killing me slowly with their horrible reporting and negative comments. Rich Rodriguez is the coach that invented the spread offense. He is a much needed infusion into the Michigan Offense. The spread offense is not something Michigan does and certainly not something our defense can defend, so it may be beneficial in more ways than one. The best part, is simply that it is over. We have a coach, and it is one that we can be proud to have. Woot!! (He is rather handsome too! ;o)

[ed.note: I stole the photo off some sports site, I don't remember which one, but since my little blog gets very little traffic, I am not too worried. Whoever took the photo and or owns the rights to it, my apologies, please contact me and I would be happy to give credit.]

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Joe said...

Great hire for UM!