Saturday, December 08, 2007


I have neglected a few things around here. That probably sounds worse than it really is. It is just me here, so how messy can it get? Particularly when I am so anal that I pretty much keep everything in it's place. I have not however dusted, swept, etc for a couple of weeks now, so that is what I am doing today. I will run to the laundromat and pick up a few groceries. I also seriously need to balance the checkbook and send off a few bills. Sometimes just cleaning and organizing things can bring a different mind set. Instead of 2 papers remaining to close out the semester, I now have 4. Two are re-works that profs requested. (Thus my little melt down on Thursday). I learned more about myself this semester than anything else. Unfortunately they don't grade by how much one learns about themselves ;o) My sincere apologies for the obvious roller coaster of emotions that I have plastered all over here. I am in the rebuilding stage and it will all be just fine. I promise. My plans for tonight might get changed. Scott and Scott had forgotten about something that is important for them. I certainly understand how things like that happen. Hopefully if that is the case, we can schedule something soon! Ok, I suppose I should get back to the tasks at hand, getting those finished should open up a space to just breath a little. not for long of course, but soon, there can be a collective sigh of relief before it all starts up again. I am changing my class schedule for the Winter term. I am scheduled for 12 credits (4 classes) and they are all (of course) heavy work loads. I am going to drop one of them, and schedule for a fluff class on death and dying. The prof keeps emailing me, asking me to take it, promising the work load is very little, all the work is done IN class which meets once a week. I think it is possible I could use a little lighter class and it will count towards my program plan, so....ok....I am to mop the kitchen floor. Peace.


ellen said...

A fluff class on death and dying. Only a "hospice" person could say that. hehe And, of course, another hospice person (me) can definitely relate.

Little said...

Nothing could have been more important that YOU tonight. Our only request was that we got to pause to watch Paula's Party on the Food Network. See.....It all worked out just fine!

I can't believe we almost finished a bottle of tequila AND played rummy for 5 1/2 hours! CRAZY!

ellen said...

Tequila and a rummy marathon - now that explains why we haven't seen Her Highness yet this morning.

Katie said...

LOL!!! Ellen, you doubt my ability to hold my booze? I MAY have a hang over, but it doesn't feel any different than I have felt for the last few weeks, so I am going with the fact that I don't have one....LOL.

Scott, I am glad you guys got home safely. Thanks to Big for drinking diet coke all night so he could drive! It was CRAZY!!! I keep trying to remember the group, Scissors Sisters. (why do I want to say Sisters Scissors LOL) Ahhhh....GOOD TIMES!! Thanks!