Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Life is a bowl of Cherries

And why is it that I so often find myself in the bowl of pits? Geessh. This is a long story and one that I am not feeling that I wish to type out today, but let's just say that changing a tire twice within a week, in the fucking cold Michigan weather is not my idea of a good time. Particularly when in-between the tire changes I took it to the dealer, who apparently just put air back in the tire and rotated the tires. How do they miss a big ass nail in the tire? So, because I drove this tire on low air for so long, it was toast and I had to buy a new tire. Not a good time of year to shell out $80 that I don't have. Today has not been the best day in the history of Katie days. On top of that, I had a dream last night that I was dying and I was so distraught that I was dying alone, that was a bitch to wake up to. Katie needs an attitude adjustment! The good news is that I am sitting in a chair with my new massager, getting a back massage with heat. Ahhhhh.......hopefully you are all having a splendid day. Peace.


Kath said...

Oh Katie...that sucks! Snowing here in Denver too but I am not going out for the next two days.

Hang in there and sorry about the bad dream :-(

Katie said...

Yeah, it did suck, but I got over it! LOL! Stay in where it is warm and enjoy the gorgeous view you must have in Denver!!!