Sunday, December 16, 2007

Let it Snow!

It has been some time since we had a big dump of snow here in Michigan (Global warming and all) Last night that changed. We got what is being reported as 6 inches and it is still snowing and blowing so they are predicting another 2-3 inches. I wasn't fully prepared for it, but thankfully I don't own my own house today!! The grounds keeper here has already plowed once, if I was at home (yes, even with 2 boys living there) I would be out shoveling at this moment. LOL! I do need to go out in this today though, much to my dread, it would be nicer to stay in and make a cup of hot cocoa and watch it snow and blow. Although the party that I was suppose to attend has been cancelled, so it will just be a quick trip out and then I can return to the hot cocoa. I hope you are all keeping warm. And for my friends to the south, a photo of what it looks like to wake up to six inches of snow. Peace.

PS: Did you ever notice that the sounds of life appear cushioned in the snow? I was out on my balcony and just listening, it was like everything was cushioned in the snow, beautiful actually.


Little said...

"I was out on my balcony and just listening," Listening? That's ALL you were doing?

Just came in from our shoveling. The blower dad has is older than I am.

Let us know how the Prius handles in the snow!

Katie said...

Hey now, be nice to me! LOL

The grounds keepers are not that great at moving the snow, maybe because it is the weekend? Anyway, I did travel out (to purchase items that assist me as I am out on my balcony listening, there, does that make you happy??? LOL)

The Prius did pretty well, the roads are not plowed yet and it made it through. The guy that I talked to at the checkout said he walked to work and he was late because he had to keep pushing people out. I told him he won big karma points for that. This is my first winter without my truck and 4 wheel drive, so it will be interesting to see how I fair. I had a flat tire the other day, and I just put air in it and have not gone to the dealer yet, I need to, it is time for an oil change as well. Ok, this is turning into a full blown post, I think I am lonely....LMAO....I should have just called you! latersssss

Katie said...

Oh, and since I am not going to the party, I am making that quiche that I made for you guys last week, lucky me, I get to eat quiche now for days on end!! Lunch, dinner, breakfast, lunch, dinner.......oye.....maybe my neighbor likes quiche..LOL