Friday, December 14, 2007


A few butterflies floating around in my tummy as I finish this theory paper. It is due tonight. Tomorrow I will churn out the last paper (the easiest of them all). Sunday I have a gathering to attend. Monday I have a few meetings, including lunch with the dean of the graduate school. I suppose I should think of what I wish to share with her. I have done zero Christmas shopping and probably won't until next weekend. (oh the joy). I really don't like the thought of going to TR for 2 weeks, however, I believe that is going to be necessary for a variety of reasons. For now though, I keep shaking my hands, trying to get the nerves calmed down. I am not sure if I am excited to have it over, or if I am nervous........I am enjoying writing this paper because it is directly related to my research. It must be the excitement! Big is off work today, so maybe I will get lucky and get to do something fun today too! We shall see. Woot! I am almost finished people!! Peace.

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