Thursday, December 27, 2007

They are OFF!

The kids left for Cozumel (Is that how you spell that?) They left in their wake a tornado! I have tonight to see what I can do with this place. Unfortunately I can not simply walk away. The boys did get their rooms clean and I can simply go in and put clean clothes away. Chrystal on the other hand, oye, she is the most disorganized person I have ever known! I should be able to whip things in shape enough tonight, go into the office tomorrow and then head back to Ann Arbor after work. I have been looking at the syllabus for each of my classes that begin next week and I need to download software and do some reading, etc plus there are things to do at the apartment. I forgot to have them hold my mail, no doubt the mailbox is full. I just need to go back to my own comfy bed and clean/organized space!

I have accomplished a great deal at the office, basically tying up the end of year reporting. I need to give serious thought to exactly what I am going to do for income during the next term. I won't be able to come back here often because of my schedule and I am certain that my funding will not last me the entire term. I need to promote my services and start selling my training of end of life care, that would be the ideal way to earn cash. Macy's would be dangerous for me :o) I am not going to worry about that right now though, first get my term started. I have a plan for meditating and exercising and getting myself out of the apartment each day and simply being a student! Hopefully it makes this term go a bit smoother than last term!

Ok, I need to get a few things finished before my father picks me up for dinner. He was hysterical at Christmas, he was taking a photo of me and said, "I am taking a picture of my kidney" HA! That is something that will be happening this next year too, as long as all goes well........donating a kidney to my father..........Ok.....I am off................peace.

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