Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all of my peeps!

The kids talked me into opening their gifts last night. They didn't want to wake up early....ha!

Since they go to Mexico every year they usually bring me my gift from Mexico. My daughter decided to get me a little something before then, which is a massage cushion. One of those that you put in the chair and it has heat and massage, it is very soothing! I am certain as I sit in on my dining room chair while I write papers, this device is going to come in very handy! The family gift exchange yielded me a mini shop vac (which I can use!!) My father got me a Michigan Clock (Go Blue!) and my mother gave me a little cash (always needed, particularly this year) So I did fairly well, considering I don't typically get any gifts...LOL.

This morning I will spend cleaning up around here, then shower and head over to my mother's place.

I had a talk with the kids yesterday about the fact that we are in a transitional phase of learning how to be adult children (them) and the mother of adult children. I said that I was not likely to return home to clean up after them any longer and respect that this is how they choose to live. I will not be complaining about it. Their reaction was almost surprising (and not so much) "Well mother, you can clean up anything you want to, we don't mind" Yeah, right. LOL. Maybe they missed my point! I do know that the piece of pie that I ate last night with a knife, would have gone down a bit easier had their been a fork to eat it with. Since they have no silverware in the drawer, I can only assume that the forks are living in their bedrooms. I am tempted to go buy them some silverware, plates and bowls...however, I am certain, if they cleaned their rooms, they would have enough of said items to not need to purchase new. The question now for me is, "do I scour the house for them, or just walk away?" The answer depends on my energy level. I will do what I can, however they may need to decide how they really want to live, knowing that momma is not going to come home every few weeks to straighten them out. I know one thing for certain, I am looking forward to going back to Ann Arbor on Friday! :o)

Ok, I suppose I should figure out where to begin. This is a daily thing, I pick up, do dishes, go to bed and wake up to another mess, pick up, go into the office, come home to a mess.............moving to Ann Arbor was a good decision, this just makes me insane. I love them to pieces, but they have no concept of picking up after themselves. Ok, I am bitching again.......sorry.

Merry Christmas. Peace.


Kath said...

Merry Christmas Katie.

I say just walk away. Seriously. Let them fend for themselves.

Glad you will have a buddy keeping you company (maybe in spirit only) in AA soon.

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas Katie.....

Katie said...

Thanks Kath! I am walking away in many ways, however I am doing a few things for them, but they have to help me, so I figure it is a give and take, me giving and me taking from them.....LOL

Big is that you? I am looking forward to seeing you in about 10 days! Happy Happy Birthday very soon!

Anonymous said...

Opps sorry Katie...BIG HERE!!