Thursday, December 13, 2007


I hate to post on top of the poem, but I feel very energized. The last few days I have done much to even out the keel, right the ship, smooth the sails, whatever. Tapping into what I know to be my own strengths is with out question the best direction for me to steer. Ok, so I go meet with the profs and I was able to assist them in seeing that I actually have learned a multitude of things in their classes. That alone felt good that I could "talk" academia to them. I was driving home laughing and thinking.....what a glorious opportunity I have before me! Seriously. How often does one crash to the bottom? For me that totals a small number. Sure we all have our moments, but to really crash like I did, that doesn't happen very frequently. The opportunity to rise above that and become and even better person is such a great opportunity! I may have lost a friend or two, I may have left a few impressions that are incorrect, nevertheless, Katie is back at the helm. Watch out! The poem is very fitting, that fucking hammer hurt like hell, but the jewel it helped to create is really something mighty special. With that, I am off to write like a doctoral student. I have a paper due tomorrow night and one on Monday morning. The last one I have the rest of the month to get it finished, so I am likely to take a little time off and head out into A2 for a bit of fun before I tackle that one. Peace.

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