Sunday, December 02, 2007

My prediction.......

Last night I predicted that LSU would play OSU for the National championship appears that I will be correct. In the polls that count LSU and OSU are #1 and #2. The BCS computers still need to determine the final outcome, but it seems a done deal. I have been rudely commented on for the fact that I would root for OSU in this game. The fact of the matter is, the Big Ten has not looked in the last few years and the SEC thinks that they are all that and a glass of Kool-Aid. So, although I am NOT in anyway shape or form a Bucks fan.......I WILL root for them in this game so that the Big Ten can put a feather in their cap and wash the SEC Kool-Aid down the drain.

Yeah.....a procrastination loop post......bite me.


UTfan said...

I am impressed that you are swallowing hard and are going to root for OSU in the Big Game.

Hope UM has better luck against Florida than OSU did last year. I am upset that the Capital One Bowl and the Gator Bowl kick off at the same time. Because of this conflict, I am going to have to foresake "Go Blue" for "GUNS UP" as far as my viewing schedule goes, although I am sure I will be switching channels during Gator Bowl commercials.

Katie said...

HI UT! I understand fully, as I will be switching between the two as well! I think the bowl season looks to be exciting! Good luck!!! May both teams win!

Joe said...

LSU will whip OSU like a rented government mule! lol

Katie said...

Now why would you root for LSU when you are a bama fan?? LOL!! (maybe the same reason I would root for OSU as a Michigan fan huh?

I did smile now you have to root for Michigan...LOL!

Joe said...

Yeah...gotta root for LSU cause they are an SEC team. But it feels like kissing your just feels dirty!

And yes, I saw that smile...and the batting of the eyelashes. So...GO BLUE!

Now I'm all hot and bothered. lol

Katie said...

Thanks Joe!!


And for UT, Hook em!!!