Monday, December 03, 2007

The End.

Nearly. I don't have an "oh the joy" feeling yet. Probably because I still have so much to do before it is actually the end of the term. The end of this week is going to be nuts. However I do have a "date" with my friend Scott on Saturday, so I do have something fun to look forward to. One day at a time though and by the time I count to 5, there will be some relief. Although, next week I do have 2 papers to finish to make it a final wrap.

Michigan has won a bid to a bowl game on January 1st. This is a 2nd tier bowl game, so actually it is a nod of approval towards Michigan. Our opponent is the Florida Gators. This sends a little shiver down my spine remembering how they completely dismantled OSU last year. I am not a fan of their Coach (Urban Meyer) and their QB is slightly overrated. I would love nothing more than to stuff those gators and hang them on the wall. It will be a challenge. If we have Hart and Henne healthy, we do have a chance.....IF we pull out a new play book and do something besides run......."to the left, to the left, punt." (wow, that was almost mean to say about my own team....LOL) The coaching search has taken a toll. It really has been a roller coaster ride. I am glad that Les Miles is not coming to A2, I guess I have never been a fan of following the money, vs following my heart. He, took the money, pissed on Michigan and ran from his hearts desire. I suppose that is not fair for me to say what his hearts desire was or is, but he made it well known that Michigan was his dream job, so that is why I assume that.

Ok, back to work for me. I do hope that you all are having a great start to your week!! Peace.


Anonymous said...

Big I get to come also??

Katie said...

That would be a DUH! of course!!!!! I think I am going to cook you guys dinner, I haven't decided yet. Either way....FUN times!!! I started to type "date" with Scott Squared and then I thought it might sound strange, so I decided against it, but in my mind it was always both of you! It would have sounded a hell of a lot more exciting if I said I had a date with 2 men! LOL!