Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh please......

I arrive back at the house, every fucking light is on in the house, the tv is blaring, somebody's iPod is blaring and there is not a soul in the house. (except me now) There is not a feasible place to actually sit, without crap around me. This is seriously a problem. EEK! I am fairly sure that they all have their martial arts classes tonight, so I will begin the process of ripping through this mess and at the very least getting things picked up and put away and the laundry at least started. Tomorrow I can worry about the nastiness of the floors and other surfaces. Saturday will be for the bedrooms. (be afraid, very afraid). I did not raise my children like this. I am a clean, organized person. This is beyond reason, and if you can believe it......this is good compared to what it could be. *roll eyes*

On a happier note. I so love being back in the little pond. I stopped by the hospital and talked to my former administrative friends. I was able to have lunch with the hospice volunteers and I was able to be the "go to person" for some serious issues in the accounts receivable, some huge issues that I will spend the next few days cleaning up. At least it can be cleaned up. Nice to feel like I know what I am doing, and know what to do about it.

I learned so much from the first term. Just thinking about it, excites me to begin the next term. A few days ago, I would not have thought I would think that, but it is true. I am infused with this indestructible feeling.

Ok, the noise alone is about to make me insane, the tv and iTunes must be turned off (ok, maybe I will plug in my iTunes) and then, I will begin the process and at least make it so I can sit down later tonight without all of this shit surrounding me. Peace.

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