Saturday, December 22, 2007


I could use some energy today. I am trying to get things done around here. It is nearly noon and the kids are still in bed...LOL. I did clean the boys bathroom. (gag!!) They shave their heads, not bald, but that close cut look, so there is always hair around the sink and floor. Totally gross. Chyrstal's bathroom was just remodeled so it is all fresh and clean, however the cupboard needs to be put back together. All of the items were removed by the workers, so I am about to go and do that. I will probably mop the kitchen floor after that. (oh no, not my to do list!! Sorry....I will shut up now)

Anyway, I need to assess the Christmas gifts that I have gotten for the kids and determine what is left to purchase. I had gotten Ben Guitar Hero's 3, only to find out that Chrystal already has it, so I returned that and now need to go to Circuit City to pick up Skull Candy headphones for him. (they don't read my blog, in fact they don't even know it exists so I am safe to put it out there....LOL) Jordan had gotten a pair of these headphones and they rock! They vibrate when the bass plays.......very cool. I am hoping that when I go to visit Jenny and Paul tomorrow, they will take me to Circuit City (how mean is that, to ask them to go shopping with me the day before Christmas Eve????) I am SOOOOOOOOOO excited to go see J&P. It will get me out of this house for one thing, but just to hang with them for the day and enjoy their company will be a much needed infusion to my soul. We might get really lucky and it won't be too cold and we can melt a little glass too, if we have time, I think we are going to talk so much that we won't even notice that the day will come and go before we know it! the bathroom........peace.

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