Friday, December 28, 2007

Hook 'Em!

Last night was a good bowl game! University of Texas played Arizona State University. Texas was on fire! They really played a good game. There was a play that was very odd, with a sideline coach for Texas touching (not touching) a live ball. The poor kid! Thankfully Texas didn't lose the game because of this mishap! ASU did score because of it though!

I am packed and ready to load the car.....the thought of having to drag all of it up to my apartment is not a good thought. I am lacking in energy in the worst way. I hope I get past this soon!

This story (Sorry, I am lame and don't know how to link it) this is the future of health care in America folks. Everyone is clamoring for national health care, however it is likely to cause this type of situation. We also have an aging population and from everything that I can tell, we are not addressing the issue, at least not in a timely fashion that we will be able to avoid such a travesty.

Ok....time to start loading the car. Oye. I did not get very much done around here. Well, wait, I did actually get a lot done, just not everything that I wanted to. If I could have laid on the sofa the whole time I would have! I think I am going to look into some herbal supplements. Resuming my workouts should also prove to provide some energy for me. Next Wednesday I will go to see the physician on campus as well. This is just not fun and I really need to have more energy and not feel so crappy.

Enough whining.......I am off.........I will catch you on the other side! Peace.

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