Sunday, December 30, 2007

Skip the bookstore!

I just did the online thing. I saved 48% so that was great, but they better arrive as promised! I think that is why I typically do the bookstore, but the savings was significant, particularly when I have so many books to buy. I don't have the required books for one of my classes, so I still have to get those and there is one book that is recommended for another class as a reference and I am not inclined to buy it since it is $150 book, it is a stats book and I wish to God I would have not sold my last stats book. I didn't want to resell any of the 20 textbooks from last term, and I am certain that will be how each term is, at the graduate level, these books will be reference books for me for a long time to come (or at least through the duration of this degree). I still need to get some software though, which is a statistical program that I will use for a very long time, so it won't be too painful. I paid all the bills and have started on other things around this place. I hope to read a "real" book before the term begins, so if I can get everything done, I might have time to do that!

Ok, so I just peaked in at MGoBlog and they are rallying the troops for the game on Tuesday. Michigan fans have been so negative this year (with some reason), but it IS time to show our pride and have faith in this team! SO...GO BLUE!!!! WOOT!!!

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