Sunday, December 09, 2007

Continuing the process.....

Working on a redo of a paper that I need to take to my professor tomorrow. I am nearly finished and will be grateful to have one more thing off the plate. I of course have 3 more on there. This too shall pass. Once I have this paper in the can, I do want to sit down and work on the plan of creating my Life as Katie. At 46 years old, one doesn't think that creating a life is a necessary task. After all, shouldn't I have one by now? HA! I think it is rather exciting to be able to design a life of my dreams. I do have all the ingredients, I simply need to have my behavior follow suit. That isn't so difficult. It is about behavior, do the behavior even if I don't "feel" like it, and the pieces will fall into place. Sounds easy, and I am sure it is easier said than done. I have faced more difficult tasks, and I am sure I will face even more difficult ones, it really is about living each moment, enjoying each moment and not being so hard on one's self for not being perfect at each moment. Ok, back to the "behavior" of being a student. Peace.

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