Sunday, December 30, 2007


I have so much to prepare to be ready for the start of the term. I went to the mall yesterday (good lord was that a mad house!) I stocked up on some supplements (trying to get myself past the no energy thing) and of course I swung by Sephora (my favorite store) and stocked up on hair care supplies) I also stopped by another store to get birthday gifts for the Scotts. Their birthdays are in January and next Saturday is the party! (No I am not telling what I got for you guys, so don't ask!) I did however forget to take my ink cartridges to get refilled, and my ink is low so I can't print everything that I need to for my first week of classes.....this of course means another trip to the mall (oh god please NO!!!!) Wednesday is going to be on campus, bookstores, etc getting software, books and other supplies. I have no clue where one of my classes is located. The other classes are in buildings that I have never been in, so this will be interesting to figure out where to go, where to park, etc. I will probably check that out on Wednesday as well. So I have 3 days to get things tied up here at the apartment, then a day on campus, then.....the fun begins again! I am actually a little excited about it. Of course, I have the bowl games to keep me entertained in between it all for the next few days! Well, I do believe that catches you up on things around here. I hope that things in your life are going well and you are finding peace and joy. Peace.


Anonymous said...

Big here... trying to get over my cold I caught on Christmas day. Things are going good here, although work is a different story our census is way down to 59 out of 110 beds. 2 sections on the unit are closed and will not be reopen until after the new year. I have been sent home 2 times this week and canceled a full day after Christmas. I am thinking of buying myself a new car for my birthday one that is not so basic like the one I have now....LOL But I guess I should think about paying some debt off instead. Oh well its a thought.

Katie said...

Hi Big! Now it not the time of year to get low census! Hopefully it picks up soon. Maybe now that little has a job you will get that debt paid off and can start looking for a new car! I am looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!