Saturday, December 01, 2007

Oh the Joy

It is looking very seriously like tOSU will be playing in the National Championship game. (WVU just lost) All I have to say is (I am happy for you Roy) and tOSU better win it!

A rather sucky night here. I am hammering out this flippin paper one sentence at a time (and by all rights, this thing should be in the can by now) I am sitting here alone, it is sleeting and snowing outside.....Oh the Joy!

I think I am struggling with this paper because it is about a tough situation I had to deal with when I was the director. This paper is on Human Resources in Healthcare with a focus on a healthy workplace. The situation was very sad and very tough to deal at least I have identified the issue, now maybe I can write in paragraphs rather than sentences....HA!

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